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Windows XP and Windows 8.1 use falling

by on04 August 2014

XP one in four

Windows XP use finally fell below the 25 percent market share mark for the first time since it came out. But after only nine full months of availability, its latest operating system version, Windows 8.1, has lost share for the first time.

According to figures from Net Applications shows that Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 lost a combined 0.06 percentage points (from 12.54 percent to 12.48 percent) between June and July. Windows 8 slipped 0.01 percentage points (from 5.93 percent to 5.92 percent), while Windows 8.1 dipped 0.05 percentage points (from 6.61 percent to 6.56 percent).

While it is no surprise that Windows 8 use is falling, the fall of Windows 8.1 is a bit of a surprise. True, it has been the only operating system that we have ever taken off our machine and gone back to an earlier version, but we thought that was “just us.” (Just you, I still use it. Ed)

Windows 7 managed to grab an additional 0.67 percentage points (from 50.55 percent to 51.22 percent), even Vista use increased from 2.95 percent to 3.05 percent. It is still alarming though that while Windows XP dropped 0.49 percentage points (from 25.31 percent to 24.82 percent) it should not be running on any machines anywhere.

Microsoft is not the only OS to lose market share. OS X fell 0.09 percentage points (to 6.64 percent), while Linux slipped 0.06 percentage points (to 1.68 percent). Net Applications uses data captured from 160 million unique visitors each month by monitoring some 40,000 websites for its clients. It is weighted by the fact that a lot of the traffic will be from mobile users.

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