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UK spooks reveal University degrees in Cyber security

by on04 August 2014

So you know where to apply

Her Majesty’s Secret Service has just issued a list of its accredited six British Master's degrees in Cyber Security as meeting its "stringent criteria" for training young Cyber Security staff. And, presumably, future spies.

If you want to join James Bond and meet Pussy Galore and the rest of the fantasy at the UK intelligence agency GCHQ you can take one of the following courses:

Edinburgh Napier University (MSc in Advanced Security and Digital Forensics)
Lancaster University (MSc in Cyber Security)
University of Oxford (MSc in Software and Systems Security)
Royal Holloway, University of London (MSc in Information Security)
Cranfield University (MSc in Cyber Defence and Information Assurance)
University of Surrey (MSc in Information Security)

GCHQ said that the courses "provide well-defined and appropriate content, delivered to the highest standard." With the way things are going you could get yourself a decent job for life, at least until you develop a conscious and cut and paste all the secret files and send them to your mate at the Guardian.

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