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Gigabyte's ODIN power supply

by on23 May 2007


Software management for your PSU


announced two new power supplies in the Odin series. Odin Pro and Odin GT both comes with the same output, 550W, 680W and 800W. Specifications for both PSU's are the same, four 12V rails, modular cables, a 140 mm fan to cool it and 80% efficiency.


Now to the interesting part, software management. That is the feature that sets the GT apart from the Pro version. The press release states that there is a software management solution embedded in this PSU. Let me quote the press release on this :"In brief, it manages the following: output voltages and load on each rail, power fan speed tweak, localized or preset temperature monitors, power supply lighting control, proximity warning bells and even present user modes for performance, normal use or silent operation. This equates to absolute manageability.".

It is an interesting idea, and we would like to see how well it really work in real life. You can find out more on Gigabyte's web site here.


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