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Apple’s iWatch vapourware delayed again

by on30 July 2014

Will be ready in time for Apple's smart TV

The Duke Nukem Forever of wearable technology, the Apple smartwatch has been delayed again. For going on to two years, the Tame Apple Press has been claiming with some certainty that Apple’s wearable computer would be with us any day now.

The device is now so late that Apple has seen rivals appear on the market and start carving out market share. The latest rumour said that the watch would be launched in October but now that appears that the watch will not be hear until December. During a recent earnings conference call, Apple supplier TPK Holdings said that iWatch production is running a little bit behind schedule. TPK was rubbing its hands with glee because it scored the deal to make the silver nanowire ink for the iWatch, things are not looking so pretty. TPK’s expectations have been based on the idea that the iWatch will enter mass production in the third quarter of the year, but apparently, now it says that will not happen. 

Instead, TPK now expects a considerable increase in profits throughout Q4 2014, which hints at the idea that the iWatch will enter mass production at that time. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi issued a investor note about two weeks ago claiming that iWatch production had been pushed back from late September to mid to late November. Kuo further added that the production delays stem from complex manufacturing issues that are taking longer to resolve than Apple initially anticipated.

Kuo believes the main challenge is redesigning iOS to fit on a smaller screen while maintaining interoperability with larger devices like the iPhone and iPad. All this will result in a somewhat sexed up version of the sports watches which are being touted for the fitness market now. It will only be any use for an Apple fanboy if he starts thinking about exercise.

Of course that is not stopping Eddy Cue and Tim Cook talking up the toy. They have said that 2014 will feature Apple's most exciting product line-up in 25 years. Given what we have seen so far, it will have to have an intense time between now and Christmas.

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