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Huawei shipped 34 million phones this year

by on29 July 2014

62% more than last year

Chinese communications giant Huawei says it managed to ship 34 million smartphone in the first half of the year. Shipments rose 62 percent year on year.

Huawei shipped about 21 million smartphones in Q2. The company's target for 2014 is 80 million units and it says it is on track to hit its target.

Huawei posted some encouraging financials last week, but now it has backed them up with additional data and a regional breakdown of its smartphone shipments. Although Huawei is usually seen as a China-centric vendor, in reality the company shipped about 20 million phones and tablets in China. The remaining 14+ million were shipped elsewhere. 

The company said 97 percent of its phone shipments are made up by smartphones rather than feature phones.

"We recorded faster growth in areas such as Middle East and Africa and Latin America, with 275 percent and 550 percent year-on-year growth in the second quarter, respectively," VP of marketing Shao Yang told Reuters

Huawei is not the only smartphone maker based in mainland China that seems to be on a roll this year. Xiaomi recently announced that it has managed to quadruple smartphone shipments this year. It shipped 26 million handsets in H1 2014

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