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Release delayed for Dragon Age: Inquisition

by on23 July 2014

Now moved to November 21st release date

First came the news from EA that Battlefield Hardline would be bumped to next year, then came the news that this was not the only fall release that was having its release date moved. BioWare and EA have confirmed that Dragon Age: Inquisition has suffered a six week delay as well.

Instead of it being released on October 7th (October 10th in Europe) the game is being moved to a November 18th (November 21st in Europe) release date. The decision of delaying the game will allow the developers at BioWare six extra weeks to polish the gaming experience that the title will deliver.

The decision to move the release date could end up being tricky. While it will move out of the October launch month that will see several other titles released, it now moved into a November launch window that will put it head to head with Fry Cry 4 that is expected to be release the same time. It is difficult to say how the move may impact sales of the game.


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