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Mouse maker in the sights of Microsoft

by on01 August 2008


Patent infringement claims are the reasons

Microsoft has filed against Primax Electronic after failed attempts to reach a patent licensing deal with the company. According to Microsoft the company has violated its hardware patents related to its computer mice technology.

Microsoft is seeking to bar the Primax mousing product from being importing into the U.S. According to Microsoft, they have tried to reach a deal with the company that is headquartered in Taiwan for some time.

Microsoft has been in court to protect its patents before. Microsoft holds the patents for a couple of important technologies related to mice on the PC, including the U2 technology, which allows the mouse to work in a PS/2 port or a USB port with auto detecting technology. The second big one is the TiltWheel technology, which allows the scroll wheel to be tilted back and fourth to allow for additional functionality.

Microsoft has never been shy about the licensing of their hardware technology and has agreements with multiple big name companies regarding the use of their patented technology.

Last modified on 01 August 2008
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