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More details on Broadwell notebooks emerge

by on17 July 2014

Thin and fanless designs for the holidays 

Intel demonstrated a Broadwell 14nm 2-in-1 notebook back at Computex. The platform codenamed Llama Mountain is starting at $599 and goes over the $999 mark depending on the configuration, but we have managed to get a few more details about the upcoming notebooks.

Intel sees Broadwell Y based platforms as “mobile computing re-invigorated” and here is what it means by that. You can expect sleek fanless designs with 4.5W Broadwell Y processors. Broadwell Y processors have an impressive 4.5W TDP. In the fastest iteration it will come with a Core 5Y70 part clocked at 1.1 GHz by default, with Turbo clocks hitting 2.6GHz.

It should have all-day battery life with a 40Whr battery or smaller. We learned that when Intel tells you the whole day battery it means the whole working day or 8 hours. The new platform should be easy to use with next generation natural user interface and perceptual computing where you can expect to see touch, voice and gesture commands.

It supports 4Kx2K display for stunning video quality and it has seamless connectivity with Stone Peak and Maplepeak WiFi, Thunderbolt and WWAN connectors. The Broadwell notebook platform comes with built in security and manageability for business and consumers. Intel also promises the support for new technologies including PMIC, Intel smart sound, Intel rapid storage and PCIe storage. Some of these machines can be detachable such as the Llama Mountain system demonstrated by Intel at the Computex.

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