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AMD A10-7800 ships in Medion AKOYA E4000 E desktop

by on14 July 2014

AMD’s latest greatest for €399

German and Austrian readers might be getting a pretty sweet deal when it comes to reasonably priced desktop machines. As of Thursday July 17th, Aldi in Germany and Hofer in Austria are planning to offer the Medion AKOYA E4000 E desktop and the machine will sell for €399.

It comes with the recently announced AMD A10-7800 quad-core processor, 4GB RAM, 2 terabyte hard drive as well as Windows 8.1. AMD A10-7800 was launched over a week ago and it works at 3.5GHz. With Turbo Core it can hit 3.9GHz. If you ask AMD, this processor has 4 GPU and 8 GPU cores for a total of 12 “compute cores” and its GPU works at 720MHz.

The 512-core GPU features R7 branding and A10-7800 comes in either 65W or 45W TDP. We are not sure which TDP is default by Medion but we do know that the platform supports 2133 MHz DDR3 memory and that the processor comes with 4MB of memory. There were no word about the motherboard inside and the number of slots.



As a value brand, Medion is well known in part of Europe for its well specced desktop machines that where usually flying off discounted shelves. Since desktops got less popular they are not selling as well as they did a few years ago, but a Medion deal still potentially means hundreds of thousands sold APUs for AMD.  Since the A10-7800 already has a decent graphics core in the APU, this saves both consumers and Medion a few euros, making the price rather attractive. The Akoya E4000 E (MD 8349) also comes with multi standard DVD/CD recorder, multi card reader supporting SD-/MS-/MMC-/xD cards, 802.11 n Wlan card, a few USB 3.0 ports as well as USB keyboard and optical mouse. The 9kg heavy box includes the PC, keyboard and mouse, Windows 8.1 recovery DVD, Support DVD and a network cable.

Last but not least Medion offers a three year warranty which might come handy. We think it’s a good offer for the money, at least if you are in the market for Windows XP replacement desktop and want to get a decent, future proof machine for a small amount of money. The APU will easily handle everyday tasks for years to come and thanks to the beefy GPU it lets you play some games, including Battlefield 4. This platform supports Mantle and will get you a few frames more than the competition graphics.

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