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Nadella again confirms commitment to Xbox

by on11 July 2014

Vigorously innovate and delight gamers

When Microsoft selected Satya Nadella is its new CEO, many gamers were worried about what the future might hold. Well be worried no more because again Nadella has reaffirmed his and the company’s commitment to Xbox.

Nadella has pledged to continue to “vigorously innovate and delight gamers”. He has called Xbox one of the “most-revered consumer brands” with a raving fan base.

What perhaps is most interesting is that Nadella points out in his letter to Microsoft employees where these comments are coming from, that Microsoft benefits from the technologies flowing from its gaming division. He offers a number of examples. It is clear that Nadella gets Xbox and the benefit that Xbox brings to the company.

It looks like all of the worry that Microsoft would or could spin-off the Xbox division looks to be something that isn’t going to happen. In fact it looks like Xbox will continue to be the skunk-works division at Microsoft where new technology is development and then used elsewhere in the company. Let’s just hope that Nadella continues to see that the Xbox division is well funded so it can continue to innovate.

Read Nadella’s entire letter here.


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