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Samsung to introduce Gear VR headset in September

by on09 July 2014

Alongside Galaxy Note 4 phablet

It turns out that Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is not the only industry leader that wants to live in the virtual reality world. Sony wants this for its PlayStation players and it has already demonstrated a VR device, while Korean giant Samsung has plans for its own VR device.

According to Engadget and, Samsung’s Gear VR is in the works and it should be showcased in September at the Berlin-based IFA 2014 consumer trade show. They even mention Samsung might launch the device there.

The device has been developed in cooperation with Facebook-owned Oculus VR. Samsung has its own plans with virtual reality and it wants you to plug your Samsung phone in order to get to the virtual world. Samsung Gear VR uses USB 3.0 to communicate with devices and it should provide head tracking with the aid of a phone. Samsung Gear VR should use the phone’s accelerometer, gyroscope and SoC processing power to track head motion. That way Samsung is making the Gear VR cheaper than a traditional VR devices.

Hardware should be coming from the house of Samsung while the software comes from Oculus. Oculus made great progress when it comes to software and Samsung is quite good at making consumer hardware packed with excellent displays, in this case AMOLED ones.

The Gear VR should launch with a few applications including Theatre, 360 Player, and Gallery with more to come after Samsung releases its SDK kit.

Early September for launch at IFA 2014 is no coincidence. Samsung will introduce its quite large Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phablet and probably offer them in some bundle with the Gear VR, at least to some customers. It used a similar approach with its first smartwatches last year.

We would be happier if were able to plug the VR set into a computer and try it on with some games, but this is what Oculus VR is for. Let's just hope that Facebook doesn’t want future generations to use the VR glasses to improve the gaming experience in Farmville.


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