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Microsoft offering $75 to upgrade to Xbox One

by on09 July 2014

New promotion greeting some 360 users

Some Xbox 360 users are being greeted with a promotion from Microsoft that is offering them $75 to upgrade to Xbox One. The promotion is appearing on some Xbox 360 consoles when the user turns it on.

The promotion claims that it is Microsoft’s way of saying “Thank You” for being one being one of their very best customers. The $75 comes in the form of a promotional code that can be used for games, add-ons, movies, and more.

Right now it does not appear that everyone is being offered this deal and we don’t know if Microsoft plans to run this promotion in other regions. Still $75 in freebies isn’t a bad deal as you can use it to buy a couple of games for your new Xbox One. We have to think that many 360 owners would rather get $75 off the price of the console than $75 credit to use in the Microsoft store, but at least Microsoft is trying and that has to account for something.

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