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HummingBoard buzzes onto the market

by on07 July 2014

More powerful than a Raspberry

While the Raspberry Pi has been doing rather well lately it seems that SolidRun wants to have a crack at the same market with something with more grunt.

The HummingBoard is being touted a more powerful alternative to the Raspberry Pi. It uses the same platform but has a 1GHz ARM v7 instead of the Pi’s asthmatic 700MHz ARM v6. While the 700MHz ARMv6 has worked well for the Raspberry Pi it limits the number of operating systems it can run.

It fits into the same third-party cases as the Pi but it has the additional bonus of allowing you to switch out the CPU and memory module. Other features include OpenGL support, up to Gigabit Ethernet, support for mSATA and PCIe mini cards, HDMI, GPIO pins, LVDS display out, a camera interface, and powered USB.

The base unit with 512MB RAM will set you back $45 plus $10 for a power adapter, while the top-spec model with 1GB RAM and a faster chip is priced at $100.


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