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Dell laptop explodes playing spider solitaire

by on01 July 2014

So long as it was some difficult computing

A Pennsylvania 72-year-old has claimed that her Dell Inspiron laptop simply exploded as it tried to come to grips where her checking email and playing spider solitaire. Loretta Luff says that the battery pack flew across the room and she caught fire. She told CBS Philadelphia that she tore off her shirt, but her hair was singed in the blaze.

Luff ended up with burns to her foot, arm and face. "My foot is the worst," she told ABC Philadelphia. "And I think when I came down on a piece of the hot battery part, I came down and stepped on that."

Her carpet, desk and even her dog's bed were damaged and doctors had to remove "stuff" from her nostrils. Dell hinted that the battery might have not been an approved one but it is investigating.

It pointed out that in its product documentation, it tells customers that "using an incompatible battery or a third-party battery may increase the risk of fire or explosion and that they should replace the battery only with a battery purchased from Dell that is designed to work with their Dell computer."

Luff told CBS that she had replaced the battery, but didn't know whether the replacement was Dell-approved.

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