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Destiny will not carry a “M” rating

by on30 June 2014

Simply not dark enough to be Mature only

We are not sure if everyone just assumed it, or we just expected it based on Bungie’s past work on Halo, but Destiny will be rated “T” for Teen and not the “M” for Mature rating that we all expected. This is not to say that the same is family friendly, but apparently Destiny does not rise to the levels of blood and violence necessary to get a “M” rating.

Destiny isn’t as dark as one might have thought, but based on the screenshots and the demos we have seen so far, the “T” Teen rating it received is for violence and animated blood, but the game lacks the gore that one might have figured that the game would have.

Bungie claims that it didn’t actively seek a “Teen” rating, but the fact that it got one does open the game up to a larger buying audience. When you spend the kind of money that Activision has on this title, you for sure can understand that they have to be pleased that they have a chance to sell more copies of the game.

Destiny comes in September for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. Those that pre-order can enjoy playing the beta which will start on July 17th for PlayStation owners that pre-order, with the Xbox owners that pre-order able to join the beta about a month later.

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