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PC Club down for the count again

by on30 July 2008


Infusion of cash that never happened

U.S. computer retailer PC Club looks to be down for the count, and this time it looks like it will stick. A life-saving infusion of cash from a new investor never arrived and the deal didn’t happen.

While our sources still don’t know the entire story yet, it seems that district managers have all been contacted now and as many as 13 stores will close for good today, with other winding down operations by the end of the week.

While we don’t know all of the inside scoop yet, it does appear that there will be no saving PC Club this time around. Too much additional monetary damage is said to have been inflicted to make any buyout likely.

It is sad to see another computer retailer go the way of the dodo, but with the intense battle for every dollar in the computer market place, it makes it very difficult for smaller players to make it in this climate. Big box retailers continue to expand their computer offerings and lack the personal attention that was provided by smaller computer retailers.

Last modified on 30 July 2008
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