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Seagate's 1500GB Barracuda listed

by on29 July 2008


€206, but still unavailable

Seagate seems
set to be the first manufacturer to break the 1.5TB barrier with its Barracuda 7200.11 1500GB SATA II (ST31500341AS) hard drive.

Like Seagate, we too think 1500GB sounds much better than 1.5TB, and the new Barracuda sounds good spec-wise, too. Although the mammoth capacity will be its main selling point, it's worth mentioning that it's still a 7200rpm drive with 32MB of cache and 8.9s seek time.

Apart from the 1500GB model, Seagate also has a new 1000GB drive, the ST31000333AS. It's got similar specs as the 1500GB model and a data transfer rate of up to 115MB/s.

The 1500GB model is currently priced at €206, whereas the 1000GB should cost €165. We can't say this is cheap, but prices will probably drop as they become available. Unfortunately, we still don't have an availability date.

If you're after value for money, 750GB and 640GB drives are the ones to go for, but 1500GB just sounds good, doesn't it?
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