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UHD TV panels could account for 6-10% of shipments

by on20 June 2014

Innolux has high hopes for 2014

Innolux believes Ultra HD TV panels could account for 6 to 10 percent of all TV panel shipments this year. As if that wasn’t optimistic enough, the outfit say the UHD share could even surpass 10 percent.

Analysts expect UHD TVs to hit a penetration rate of 6 percent this year. Innolux believes the transition will be somewhat faster thanks to Korean vendors who are switching to UHD panels faster than expected. The company believes worldwide shipments of UHD TV panels could hit 20 million units this year.

Less than 1 percent of all TVs shipped in January were based on UHD panels, but by April the UHD share reached 6.8 percent. Korean vendors had high hopes for OLED TVs this year, but low yields and high costs forced them to shift their focus to UHD products in the high end segment.

The fact that there’s a World Cup on this year hels, too.

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