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New Crackdown isn’t a 3rd installment

by on18 June 2014

More like a sequel to the first Crackdown

The new Crackdown title in development isn’t really Crackdown 3 and Ken Lobb from Microsoft Studios would prefer we all stop labeling it as such. The new Crackdown title is more like a sequel to the first Crackdown according to Lobb.

The new Crackdown title is in a different universe than Crackdown 2 was for example, so thinking it will be a sequel to the second Crackdown would be a mistake.

Fans of Crackdown will be pleased to know that Dave Jones who directed the first Crackdown for Realtime Worlds is working with the development team in conjunction with his company Cloudgine that specializes in cloud gaming. It will come as little surprise that the new Crackdown will take advantage of the cloud and dedicated servers to deliver destruction effects for example.

While fans of Crackdown want to know more, there is more stuff coming, but we will have to wait. The announcement of a new Crackdown title came as little surprise as hints from Xbox head Phil Spencer seemed to point at a new Crackdown.

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