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Microsoft shifts Xbox Live message

by on17 June 2014

All about dedicated servers

Microsoft has backed away from its “Xbox One Cloud Messaging” that confused so many people. It was not that the message was not accurate, but it was actually just confusing for those who didn’t understand what Microsoft was talking about with the Xbox Live Cloud technology and what advantage it could deliver to gamers.

Instead of Microsoft talking about the power of the cloud and how the power of cloud can be used with Xbox Live to enhance games on the Xbox One, now Microsoft’s new message is that best feature of Xbox Live is dedicated servers.

The new messaging is that Xbox Live is the service and dedicated servers is the benefit. Now technically, if you understand what Microsoft is really saying here, nothing has changed except they have dubbed the message down to make it easier to understand. The reason that the multiplayer experience is going to be better is because of these dedicated servers. No mention of what these dedicated servers are doing, but trust me when I tell you that they are doing a lot more backend processing then just running multiplayer games as this is part of the Xbox One from the ground up.

Despite the change in message, the real question is exactly how much CPU time is Microsoft going to dedicate to each game instance? That might be the real question, but for sure it will be an interesting test and use of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud technology as the number of Xbox One owners grow and demand even more dedicated servers and instances to power the Xbox infrastructure.

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