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Apple manages to blow up USB adapters

by on16 June 2014

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The fruity maker of expensive rounded rectangles, Apple has come up with a feature on its USB adapters which blows up Europeans. Apple said that its 5-watt European USB power adapter "may overheat and pose a safety risk” and American Apple fanboys have complained that such a feature is not available to them.

Meanwhile in the EU Apple fanboys have begun forming queues to make sure that one the USB adaptor they buy will overheat. 

One fanboy told Fudzilla: “I've been here really long, I haven't eaten anything, I'm hungry and thirsty so I'm going to eat something and celebrate my new overheating cable with my friends.”

Another one said he planned to buy as many of the overheating adapters as possible so he could ship them to his friends in the US.

“Apple is at the cutting edge of technology and it is rare for Europeans to get their hands on overheating USB devices first, we are really lucky and I am just sharing the love,” he said.

Another fanboy said: “People think overheating USB cables are dangerous, but Steve Jobs wanted us to live on the cutting edge and that is not for pussy android users.”

The adapters in question were sold standalone and with the iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S models from October 2009 to September 2012. Customers can identify an affected adapter by the listed model number (A1300) and the solid gray "CE" letters embossed between the adapter's prongs. Apple said that the overheating feature only occurs in "rare cases."

Apple asked customers to exchange the affected adapters either at one of the retail stores or authorized service providers. Customers that got the adapter with an iPhone have to be able to verify the phone's serial number. Those who can't reach a store were told to contact Apple's tech support to get an exchange.

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