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Will new AppleTV be able to play games?

by on09 June 2014

Pressure from Amazon makes it necessary

While Apple didn’t announce a new updated AppleTV at the WWDC, they did however announce a number of things that seem to indicate the future direction that we can expect to see with the new AppleTV that is now still unconfirmed, but is likely to arrive later this year.

With all of the pressure that Apple is getting from Amazon these days, Fire TV and the Kindle HDX and soon the upcoming Amazon Android phone, the company has to deal with it. The Fire TV does represent a big threat to Apple and AppleTV so it is not surprising that we will see Apple ramp up the features in the next AppleTV and we predict that will include gaming and Application support for the AppleTV which will be running iOS 8.

So why doesn’t Apple just announce its gaming push with the new AppleTV at E3? Well, that isn’t Apple’s style and they need to do thing their way. While we admire the fact that they want to get the new AppleTV right, honestly the battle for the living room continues and spaces that are filled currently with an AppleTV could find that AppleTV moved to another room in the house in favor of a fuller featured Fire TV.

We are sure that it is coming and Apple will make the announcement, but it isn’t going to be coming during E3 and that really is too bad as it would actually be one of the biggest news items to come out of E3 if they did. We just hope that they don’t want too much longer as they need to be in this space and they are not going to continue to be if they don’t move to do so soon.

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