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Next generation Shield hits FCC

by on08 June 2014

New hardware, 5GHz WLAN

The next generation Tegra K1 powered Shield console is getting closer to launch. 

The FCC has listed the first declaration of authorization and some 2.4 and 5G testing data related to the device. It is no big secret that the device supports 5G WLAN as it needs that in order to stream games from your PC or from GRID. The product is described as a wireless controller but in reality this is much more than that. This is a fully capable gaming console that comes with a screen, a powerful processor and an operating system on top. The design designation is P2570 while the previous Shield was known under P2450 unit number.

We expect the console to end up much faster. Many are hoping for a 1080p screen, an upgrade from the current 5-inch 720p screen, but from what we can tell from the FCC titbits, we expect similar shaped device with much more powerful spec than the first generation. Google I/O is happing in less than three weeks and we would be surprised if we don’t see any Tegra K1 based hardware, including Project Logan. The two-day conference starts on June 24 2014.

According to the FCC documentation unearthed by Engadget, the 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless capability of the device was tested between April 9th and May 19th which gives you an idea that it's been already a while since Nvidia had a prototypes. With this certification the company is getting closer to full scale manufacturing that is probably happening as we speak. Last year's Shield was launched on June 31st, but with a bit of luck, we might see the follow up product much sooner. 


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