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Google plans micro-satellites to provide world internet

by on02 June 2014

Low orbit, high bandwidht

Search engine outfit Google is planning to provide a satellite-based internet access using 180 "small, high capacity" satellites.

The satellites will go into low orbit and provide internet connections to underserved areas. Apparently if the first 180 works well, Google could "double" its vehicle count. This means that the sky will be packed with so many Google satellites you will need to duck them if you are heading to Mars.

The initiative might be very expensive, probably costing $1 billion to $3 billion however eventually the satellites could pay for themselves. Certainly the plan is a bit more logical than sticking the internet on high flying balloons, although so far Google has said the two ideas will be complementary. Project Loon, can handle places where there is a greater demand for the service.

Google’s theory is that the more people who see the internet, the more will see their adverts and the more dosh it will make.

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