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AMD and Microsoft to hold DirectX 12 conference

by on28 May 2014

Johan Andersson talks Mantle in Battlefield 4

Nvidia was very vocal about Microsoft’s affection for its hardware and the company was thrilled to see that Microsoft was using Nvidia alpha DirectX 12 to demonstrate the Forza 5 game. This first public demonstration took place at the Game Developers Conference back in March.

Now it’s AMD’s turn. AMD is happy to announce that a limited number of developers will be able to attend an event where Microsoft and AMD are ready to talk about DirectX 11 and DirectX 12.

Let's talk DirectX 12

The event is called AMD & Microsoft Game Developer Day and Ivan Nevraev, Microsoft, wants to make an introduction to DirectX 12, while Dave Oldcorn from AMD will host a rather interesting presentation titled D3D 12: “The future is so bright you gotta wear shades”.

The presentation will take place in Stockholm and is targeting game developers. If selected and qualified, you won't even have to pay to attend. The event talks place on June 2nd.

AMD is aiming to get the attention of tablet and desktop game developer studios across Europe and it even claims that no NDA will be required for the event. AMD also wants to talk about TressFX, its hair rendering technique, and Johan Andersson from Frostbite will talk about Mantle in Battlefield 4.

Mantle and DirectX 12 on the same floor

AMD got quite a lot of attention with Mantle and it is now enjoying attention from the game developer's community, but the fact that DirectX 12 has a lot of elements similar to Mantle might mean that in the long run DirectX 12 will win the fight.

In the meantime AMD will push as many developers as humanly possible to optimise for Mantle and will some extra performance for its hardware. Mantle allows closer to metal programming that results with an increase in performance compared to the traditional DirectX 11 approach.

People have suggested that Microsoft was not too happy with AMD’s decision to develop Mantle, but the fact that Microsoft and AMD are doing a game developers event together and talking about Mantle and DirectX 12 at the same event means they can coexist in peace.

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