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Unreal 4 Engine for consoles first

by on25 July 2008


Next generation consoles beyond the 360 & PS3

It looks that Epic is already planning for the subsequent round of next generation consoles, which right now continue to be called the Xbox 720 and PS4. It comes as no surprise, based on similar comments that have been made previously, that Epic will be focusing the Unreal 4 engine for the 720 and PS4, and perhaps a Nintendo next generation console if they release one that is on the same level as what is expected to be in the 720 and PS4.

Mike Capps from Epic confirmed what Tim Sweeney has suggested about the Unreal 4 engine in a recent interview with TG Daily. According to our understanding, this does not mean that a PC version of the Unreal 4 engine isn’t possible; it just will not be the high priority when it comes to the new Unreal 4 engine.

While no one really knows what the plan is for the next generation consoles beyond the 360 and PS3, it is suspected that they will arrive in the 2010 or 2011 time frame. While Epic has not suggested in any way that they are moving away from PC development, it is obvious that they need to be focused on the delivery of an engine that will provide developers the ability to produce titles for these next generation console systems.

Last modified on 25 July 2008
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