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Spencer hints at more Pre-E3 announcements

by on19 May 2014

A few more surprises coming prior to the big show

It seems these days that following Xbox head Phil Spencer’s Twitter feed leads to finding out all kinds of really import stuff for those Xbox fans out there. The latest news from Spencer is that Microsoft isn’t done dishing out all of the announcements prior to E3. Apparently it has a number of things that it wants to talk about prior to the big show in June.

Spencer said on his Twitter feed that, “There are a few things coming prior to E3. Show is getting set so easier to see what we want to talk about prior.” He suggests that talking about these things now will give Microsoft more time to focus on the other stuff at the show. It also keeps the press engaged prior to E3 to continue ramping up the coverage prior to the big press conference.

As for what Microsoft will be showing at E3, we now to know that it will be console focused as Spencer says that while he is very focused on the PC, they will not be talking about that at E3, but will instead talk more about their PC plans during the summer. In the show term it is difficult to predict what Microsoft would want to announce between now at E3, but judging by the news of Halo 5, it would see that little is off limits so it could be about anything.

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