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Announcement from Desilets soon?

by on08 May 2014

Could share news in a matter of weeks

Patrice Desilets who is best known for his work on Assassin’s Creed and his tiff with Ubisoft has revealed to Superannuation that he may soon be able to reveal what he has been working on in a matter of weeks.

It is believed that Desilets has a non-compete clause with Ubisoft and that the non-compete clause expires later this month. When the non-compete expires he would then be free to talk about his new project, whatever that might be.

It still is not clear at all what Desilets could be working on or if he was able to acquire the rights 1666 which was the game that Ubisoft ended up getting the rights to in the THQ sell off. Desilets who was quickly let go by Ubisoft after Ubisoft acquired the THQ assets and people, apparently had some language in his contract that allowed the rights to 1666 to revert back to him somehow in the event of sale of the title or studio.

Sources are suggesting that Desilets and may appear at E3 with a new publishing partner to announce the new news, but that could be nothing more than wishful thinking perhaps.

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