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More Unreal Tournament in the future?

by on05 May 2014

Rein says to tune in Thursday for an answer

There has been significant speculation about the possibility of a new Unreal Tournament title for a long time now and with the sale of Gears of War to Microsoft/Black Tusk the rumor mill has been in overdrive as the possibility. Despite a number of denials, Epic head Mark Rein has announced on his Twitter account to stay tuned for an update on this Thursday at 2pm EDT.

Rein is asking those interested in the future of Unreal Tournament to tune in to on Thursday at 2pm EDT. The fact that it says Unreal Engine and the tag #FirstBlood might provide the clue according to some we have spoken with.

Speculation is that a new Unreal Tournament First Blood will be announced and it will of course be powered by the latest Unreal Engine. We doubt that it can be as simple as this, but it is possible that it is. We will have to just wait and see what Rein and Epic have in store, but you never know.

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