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Will Nintendo show new hardware at E3?

by on02 May 2014

Multiple sources think that they will

Without a traditional press conference, Nintendo is planning again this year at E3 to do things different. What we have not counted on is the number of sources pinging us to say that they believe Nintendo will show new hardware at E3 and they will have games up and running to show on this hardware.

Early this year we hear some wild specs that had leaked out about two possible hardware projects that Nintendo was said to be working on called the Fusion DS and Fusion Terminal. The Fusion DS as you can already guess would be the next evolution of the DS handheld platform and the Fusion Terminal would be the next evolution in gaming consoles for Nintendo and this unit would replace the Wii U.

We can’t get into specifics as far as our sources go, but we can tell you that we have heard this from people in both the software development and hardware provider parts of the business. It is always difficult to keep new hardware a secret before launch, but call us a doubting Thomas, but we just don’t think that totally new hardware is in the cards, but a new revised versions of existing platforms might be far more likely.

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