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MSI will have three PUMA notebooks

by on23 July 2008


At least for now

According to our sources, MSI will start with three Puma-based notebooks. Two of them will be gaming notebooks based on either Nvidia 9600M GT or ATI HD 3850 mobile graphics cards and the third will be based on ATI's HD 3450 mobile graphics card. All three will have different screen sizes and different processors.

The first one, named EX 310, will be the smallest one and it will come with a 13.3-inch WXGA display. It is based on ATI's RX781/SB700 chipset in combination with the HD 3450 graphics card with 256MB of video memory. This one will be powered by AMD's Athlon QL60 processor at 1.9GHz.

The first of the gaming Puma's is the GX 630, a 15.4-inch gaming notebook based on the Nvidia MCP77 chipset paired up with the Geforce 9600M GT with 512MB of DDR3 video memory. The GX 630 will be using Turion Ultra ZM-80 processor working at 2.1GHz. This one is very interesting, as it weighs at around 2.8kg without battery, while most of the other similar notebooks usually go over 3kg.

The 17-inch behemoth named GT735 will be the third, and for now, a final Puma-based notebook that will be an MSI launch. Based on the same chipset as the small EX 310, ATI's RX781/SB700, the big 17-inch behemoth will pack much power with AMD's Turion Ultra ZM-82 working at 2.2GHz and ATI's HD 3850 with 512MB of video memory.

All three models should be available sometime in the middle of August, but unfortunately the price will depend on the HDD size, amount of memory and optical drive is still unknown.

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