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No Nintendo press conference for E3

by on30 April 2014

Will do a digital broadcast event instead

For the second year in a row Nintendo has decided to forgo the traditional E3 press conference and instead host a Nintendo Digital Event that will be broadcast at 5pm PST on Tuesday, June 10th. Nintendo claims that they have demonstrated that they broke new ground with the event last year and it provided a better experience for its fans.

The Nintendo Direct digital broadcast will share the company’s E3 news and offer a much deeper look at Nintendo’s biggest titles of E3. Nintendo claims that the video will provide in-depth, unscripted video game demos from Nintendo’s E3 booth that will be streamed live during all hours of the E3 show.

Hard to say what impact the decision to go this route again will have. Nintendo for sure needs to get the word out and perhaps save some money at the same time while doing it. We will have to wait and see what the impact of this decision will be, but for sure it could be that Nintendo just does not have enough new stuff from itself as well as third party offerings that warrant the expense of an expensive presser.

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