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BF4 servers get upgrades

by on28 April 2014

Attempt to fix rubber banding issue

DICE has upgraded their BF4 server hardware has we all know in an effort to improve performance and reduce issues. We have learned however that DICE has finally deployed a server-side upgrade to deal with the rubber-banding issues that have plagued the game since release.

While DICE has admitted that the process of dealing with the rubber-banding issues has taken longer than they would have liked and the server-side fixes that have been applied don’t seem to fix the situation in every instance, it does seem that with the newer higher performance servers, in 64 player matches, the issue does not seem to be happening or happening as much.

Although DICE has made improvements in resolving the issue, they are the first to admit that while they expect things to continue to get better, they still are not where they want to be just yet. While many would like to see DICE be quicker with the deployment of these fixes, they continue to say that they want to be 100% sure that it is done right before pushing fixes out the door.

It seems that to many they have just lost interest in the ongoing saga of DICE fixing issues with Battlefield 4. Many players have moved on. Those that have managed to survive it and have continued to play the game have been rewarded with fixes and patches that have balanced the game and made it more playable.

Last modified on 28 April 2014
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