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Is Jobs having health problems?

by on22 July 2008


Is it more than the common bug Apple reported?

It seems that many industry analysts are watching the health of Apple CEO Steve Jobs these days. Without question, much of Apple’s success stems from Jobs and many fear that should Jobs depart from Apple there is no plan is in place to continue the winning ways that have become so common in the Jobs era.

Apple has been less than forthcoming about Jobs’ health in the past and the Apple faithful fear that it could be a reoccurrence of something related to the pancreatic cancer that was cured by surgery four years ago. Apple has brushed off such comments, saying that Jobs was suffering from a common bug and is on antibiotics.

The lack of a succession plan at Apple has more than one analyst worried about the possible future of the company. Reports continue to claim that those that have met with or seen Jobs since the 3G iPhone launch continued to be troubled by his very thin appearance and are overall worried about his condition.

Last modified on 22 July 2008
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