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EU knocks down SMS prices in EU roaming

by on21 July 2008


New SMS prices from October


EU telecommunications commissary, Viviane Reding, recently announced a plan to slash SMS prices in EU roaming. Not so long ago EU decided on a similar move in regulation of EU roaming phone calls and set a fixed maximum fee to be charged by operators.

This initiative was brought about by some serious SMS price variations set by GSM operators in European countries. For instance, a person from Belgium will pay 80 euro cents for one SMS in EU roaming whereas a person from Spain will pay 63 cents.

The intention of the EU telecommunications commissary is to knock down EU SMS roaming prices for EU citizens to about 12 euro cents.

GSM operators reacted to this news, claiming there’s no basis for such a move as SMS prices are constantly falling since the competition is fierce.

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Last modified on 22 July 2008
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