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KFA2 GTX 750 OC reviewed

by on30 April 2014


The KFA2 GTX 750 Ti OC card comes with a moderate factory overclock which sets the GPU base clock at 1072MHz, while the reference GPU base clock is set at 1020MHz. Nvidia's GPU Boost 2.0 takes the average GPU clock to 1085MHz for the reference GPU and to 1150MHz for the KFA2 card. The ‘Power Target’ slider is set at 100% by default and there is no way to increase the power target beyond that. But the ‘GPU Clock Offset’ slider can be adjusted, so we tried it and using the standard voltage and AUTO fan settings we managed to push the GPU 150MHz over the factory clocks. Thanks to Nvidia Boost 2.0 we were running at 1365MHz on the core. We ended up with a memory clock of 6212MHz. We were able to get another 10% performance out of this graphics card. The overclock can vary from game to game, as not all games place the same amount of load on the GPU.

The overclocking potential is good considering that overclocking is constrained by Nvidia’s power limiter. Note that the GTX 750 card has 55W TDP and it does not come with an external power connector. If you push it too hard the card will reduce the base GPU when it gets close to the PCI power limit. Still, it has plenty of overclocking potential, as the PCI slot can cope with 75W, or 20W more than the reference card needs.

GTX 750 kfa2 GPUZ OC

oc load long plaz bt4

You can use XtremeTuner+ for overclocking and monitoring.

xtreme tool1 780ti


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