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KFA2 GTX 750 OC reviewed

by on30 April 2014


While idling the GPU temperature ranged from 32 to 34 degrees Celsius. The card is silent in idle. Although the cooler is relatively simple, with no copper base or heatpipes, the temperatures during our gaming tests were rather low. The cooler can keep the GPU temperature under 56 degrees Celsius at all times.

battlefield load

To test the limits of its cooler we placed the KFA2 GTX 750 OC into a compact EVGA HadronAir chassis. When you see a low-profile card in a mITX chassis, it tends to look rather big, but looks can be deceiving. It’s a tiny card in a compact chassis. Thanks to its low profile design it can fit into most small form factor chassis. However, bear in mind that it’s a dual-slot card, which may be a problem for some mITX enclosures.



As you can see from the graph below, thanks to the relatively low TDP of the GM107 (55W), the whole system draws well below 200W.

res power

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