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Microsoft spills the beans on lean Windows plans

by on22 April 2014

Thin Windows everywhere

If you look at the software outfit Microsoft’s career website you can get an idea of what its current cunning plans are, and it seems that Vole is building a cut down version of Windows. Microsoft has adverts for people to create a "lean and mean Windows running everywhere."

This means that Vole is working to reduce the footprint of its OS so that it can be run on more devices and have better performance, with slower hardware. Signs of the change have been coming for a while. Microsoft made Windows free on devices under 9 inches for OEMs, which undoubtedly will have lower specs, keeping a lean and mean Windows high on the agenda makes a lot of sense. 

In addition, Microsoft has been talking about 'Windows on Devices' for the Internet of Things, and such products will have to be super-light if Vole hopes to enter that market. If Microsoft pulls it off, it will certainly have a lot of advantages. It will be able to link mobile devices with its huge business PC base. 

The Surface was touted in this roll but fell short because of the negativity surrounding how much space the OS occupied on the device. This a cut down windows would solve that problem. The fact that Intel is spending millions in an effort to gain more tablet design wins is good news for Microsoft, too. 

Last modified on 22 April 2014
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