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Google backs Scientologist-backed anti-psychology campaign

by on21 April 2014

$10,000 of free paid adverts per month 

Search engine outfit Google appears to be backing a campaign by the Scientology cult to destroy psychology. The Citizens Commission on Human Rights is an outfit which is designed to educate the world how evil psychology is and blamed the holocaust on the fact that the Nazis spent all their time listening to shrinks and not being evaluated by pseudo scientists working for a cult run by a former follower of Aleister Crowley turned sci-fi writer.

For some reason Google thinks it is worthy to give the site, which blames shrinks for the decline of the “universe,” more than $10,000 worth of free advertising. Former Scientologist Mike Rinder posted a letter to members of the CCHR signed by Boris Levitsky in which the grant is mentioned. Apparently now that the CCHR has all this Google adverts, it has to hire someone to make the most of it. It is now calling for members to donate so that they can hire a new person to do its advertising. This is not cheap and is based on the idea of getting a good title. If you donate $1,200.00 a month, you can call yourself a OC Supreme Hero of Human Rights With Honors (sic).

Boris Levitsky is the holder of the IAS Freedom Medal Winner in 1989. We wonder how much that title cost him. So far, Google has not explained why it has given the cult so much free advertising particularly when there are causes which are infinitely more useful than removing psychologists from the world – closing down dangerous fruity cargo cults for one.

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