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Danamics announces liquid metal CPU cooler

by on18 July 2008


Available in Q3

A Dansish company called Danamics has just announced its first commercial liquid metal based CPU cooler. The new cooler will be called LM10 and it features an electromagnetic pump that makes the liquid metal move around inside the heatpipes.

According to information published on the Danamics web site, the liquid metal is the key component in Danamics cooling systems as it has superior thermo physical properties and it has electrical properties which makes it possible to use the electromagnetic pump. The electromagnetic pump has no moving parts, emits no noise or vibration, has unlimited MTBF and doesn't degrade over time, which makes it sound almost too good.

Thanks to all of these features and technologies, this cooler has the lowest thermal resistance of any air-cooler on the market and cooling capabilities which is meant to exceeds most water-coolers. The new cooler is also a true all-in-one product as it doesn't come with any external housings, large reservoirs or bulky radiators.

It looks and sounds great, but we have to wait for Q3 to to see if it's any good, as this is when the LM10 should become available. We hope that the performance will be as good Danamics makes it sound.

This is what it looks like and you can find the Danamics Web site here.


Last modified on 21 July 2008
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