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Trials Fusion resolution info uncovered

by on15 April 2014

Day one update boosts Xbox One to 900p

In what seems like a never ending saga these days, we are once again reporting on the running resolution of another title release. This time around however, the news is a little bit better for the Xbox One. Trials Fusion from developer Red Lynx is going to be running at 1080p on the PlayStation 4, but only 900p on the Xbox One.

While the 900p resolution on the Xbox One is less than the 1080p that it is running on the PlayStatoion, it is actually up from the 800p that the console was originally running at. The increase to the 900p resolution comes to Xbox One buyers as part of the day one update for the game. All versions of the game including the Xbox 360 and PC release will run at 60 fps.

Early reports suggest that the 900p rendering on the Xbox One that is upscaled to 1080p looks virtually identical to the 1080p native rendering that the game offers on the PlayStation 4. Of course we suspect that a lot of people will be comparing the versions looking for differences.

Last modified on 15 April 2014
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