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New EU charges against Intel

by on18 July 2008


Intel to have "paid off" channel partners

It seems that Intel just can't stay out of trouble in Europe, and the European Commission (EC) has just charged Intel with a range of new "crimes." Intel is being accused of having paid off certain channel partners, so that they wouldn't stock AMD processors among other things.

One of the charges that Nvidia might want to worry about is the one that relates to Intel giving incentives to PC makers to switch from AMD to Intel, as Nvidia has similar "schemes" going on.

Intel is also meant to have paid off certain system integrators to delay products based on AMD processors from being launched in a timely manner. The EC claims that Intel has "used its considerable muscle to provide substantial rebates to a leading European PC retailer - conditional on it selling only Intel-based PCs."

Of course, Intel wasn't happy about this, but it's not like they have a choice but to turn up to the hearings, although they have eight weeks to file a response to the findings.

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