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AMD R9 295X2 to cost €1100 ex. VAT in Europe

by on08 April 2014

Suggested retail price

According to a couple of sources that we had a chance to talk to today, it appears that the suggested retail/e-tail price for the Radeon R9 295X2 in Europe is set at €1,100 ex. VAT.

In case you missed it earlier, the suggested retail/e-tail price for the new dual-GPU flagship AMD Radeon R9 295X2 graphics card is set at US $1,499 and according to our sources, Europe should it at around €1100 ex. tax. Since most of the Eruope has different tax rates, you can expect it to hit retail at around €1300 in Germany where the tax is at 19 percent and around €1320 in Austria and so on. Most countries in Europe have a VAT rate of about 20 percent, but the rate ranges from 18 percent to 25 depending on how broke the country in question is.

We have not seen the new card listed in Europe yet. Of course, there is still a slight possibility that the coin-mining frenzy will take its toll on the Radeon R9 295X2, but we don't think it will. This is a premium card for enthusiasts, miners don't care about fancy cooling and they can get more hashing power per buck if they choose a standard R9 290X or R9 290.



Last modified on 09 April 2014
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