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Titanfall matchmaking update released

by on04 April 2014

Matchmaking beta playlist removed

Respawn has rolled out its second update to the matchmaking inside of Titanfall. Previously, the company was testing what it was calling the Matchmaking Beta playlist. After the Matchmaking Beta Playlist completed successful testing, the company has made it permanent by pushing out this update.

The Matchmaking update has been applied to Attrition and Hardpoint (non-campaign) modes of Titanfall improving the matchmaking in those modes. Players will notice that the Beta menu item has been removed and it is fully integrated to the game for everyone to enjoy.

The goal of the Matchmaning update was to help make sure that players are matched with those that have similar skills and reduce the number of unbalanced teams. Lofty goals indeed, but it would appear that the tweaks have at least helped improve the matchmaking for Titanfall.

In announcing the full release of the Matchmaking updates, the developer also noted that it is continuing to work on the matchmaking for other modes of the game and additional updates for those modes are in the pipeline of things the company has planned for future updates.

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