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PS4 shipments hit 7 million units

by on31 March 2014

Still outselling Redmond's Xbox One

Sony's PlayStation 4 console is off to a good start and it appears to be widening its lead. According to NextPowerUp, Sony has managed to ship 7 million consoles to date.

Microsoft is believed to have sold 3 million Xbox One consoles since launch. The PS4 appears to be outselling the Xbox One by a ratio of 7:1 in PAL markets, mainly Europe. The Xbox traditionally gets somewhat better numbers in NTSC markets like the US and South Korea.

It is estimated that PS4 sales in PAL regions were about 180,000 units last week, while Redmond managed to sell just 25,000 Xbox One consoles in the same markets.

Titanfall has managed to push Xbox One sales, but Sony has a hot title of its own, in the form of Second Son, a PS4 exclusive that has already surpassed one million mark.


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