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Radeon R9 295 is a 500W card

by on30 March 2014

Dual-core Hawaii is power hungry

It turns out that Radeon R9 295, the upcoming dual-core Hawaii card, might be a demanding beast. This might be the first ever 500W card that will end up water cooled.

It is also on the heavy side but, not that this will bother most high performance freaks. AMD didn’t announce the price of the card yet. Compared with Nvidia's $2,990 Geforce GTX Titan Z, AMD is likely to end up significantly cheaper, but probably north of $1,000.

Since AMD is the current king of Scrypt cryptocurrency mining this card could end up quite popular for this specific purpose as well for deep pocketed gamers. However, the first Scrypt ASICs from KnCMiner and Alpha Technology are on the way and they should deliver much more performance than any GPU out there. They are coming in a few months and that will be the end of the GPU mining craze.

The dual-Hawaii card should ship soon, but we don’t know the exact date. We know that Radeon R9 290X/290 cards are still hard to get, even months after they launched.

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