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New game modes for Titanfall to be free

by on27 March 2014

Most other content will be included in paid DLC

Vince Zampella the head honcho over at Respawn has confirmed that all future additional game modes that are added to Titanfall will be able to be downloaded for free. This follows comments Respawn was working on a number of DLC offerings as well as additional free content.

While the new game modes will be free, some new additional content such as the addition of private match support will also be offered for players to download at no charge. However, we have learned that the majority of map packs, weapon packs, skins, and other such enhancements will mostly be included in the paid DLC content packs.

Respawn is planning three paid premium DLC packs that will be priced at $10 per pack or you can purchase the Season Pass which will give you all three packs for $25 which is a savings of $5. We do know that the Xbox One, PC, and Xbox 360 will all be getting this DLC so at least you will not be missing any of the action, no matter which version you are playing.

So far Respawn has not yet provided a date when we will see the first content pack, but we are first expecting a patch that will likely include the addition of private match support as well as some anti-cheating technology that is bundled with a number of bug fixes. Sources tell us that this patch will likely come after the Xbox 360 version is released. As for the first DLC pack, sources tell us that it will be a little while and most defiantly after the 360 version is released and the first patch stabilizes the game and addresses additional issues. Then it is likely we will see new content. In other words, it is going to be a little while.

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