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Rodgers leaves Evolution Studios

by on26 March 2014

Who is leading Drive Club now?

In a move that is unreleased to the layoffs that Sony made at Evolution and Guerrilla Cambrdige, Cal Rodgers who was leading the Drive Club project at Evolution has moved on. In a move that apparently happened in February, Rodgers has departed for a new venture in the indie startup called Big Red Switch Games.

Since Rodgers has departed Evolution, it is not clear at all who is now heading up and leading the Drive Club title. What we do know is that Drive Club has had a rocky development and while Sony has said that the delays are in the interest of getting Drive Club right, we can only wonder if there is more to the story than that.

With Sony declaring that the title has gone back to the drawing board and the title now has no release date it is difficult to say what is actually going on with Drive Club. The only thing Sony has to say on the entire subject is that the layoffs at Evolution will not affect the development of Drive Club.

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