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Respawn will root out cheaters

by on14 March 2014

Will use the banhammer if necessary

Titanfall has only been out in North America on the Xbox One and PC for a short time and believe it or not the aimbots and cheating has already started. Developer Respawn is paying attention as evidenced by a comment that they are finding cheaters in Titanfall and they are logging them to deal with them shortly.

The news isn’t surprising these days were cheaters seem to run crazy and unchecked on other FPS titles. Respawn however apparently has the banhammer at the ready and has a number of fixes coming with the next patch to address the problem.

Among the fixes will include Private lobbies as well as addressing the Xbox One chat issues. Also it is confirmed that the Titanfall companion app that was talked about for smart devices is still coming and will hopefully be here in time for the global launch of the game. No word on exactly when this patch will arrive, but some changes have already been made on the server-side to deal with the cheaters according to a number of sources.

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