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Xbox One Chat Adapter issues being worked on

by on13 March 2014

No idea why communication is distorted

It seems that no matter how hard they try, Microsoft seems to be getting it on all fronts. The latest trouble surrounds the release of the new Xbox One Chat Adapter. You know that $25 device that we told you about that allows you to connect your expensive headset from your Xbox 360 for use on your Xbox One.

Besides the price being a problem to many, we are hearing a number of reports about distorted Xbox One voice chat when using a number of different headsets from makers such as Astro, Turtle Beach, and Polk for example. While it appears that the distortion issue seems isolated to in-game and party chat, the fact that it works well with Skype and Upload Studio has enraged many users.

Microsoft is aware of the issue and re investigating these intermittent distortion issues and working on a resolution to the issue. Of course many are asking how it is even remotely possible that Microsoft missed this during the testing of the Chat Adapter. We don’t have a clue, but we feel given all of the issues that Microsoft has had as of late, they have to be due for a break soon. At least that is our prediction.

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